Places to go to while visiting us

November 9, 2014

IMG_5107-001The closest places that I love to visit are Jake’s and Jack Sprat. They are right in the heart of the Treasure Beach town. Jake’s is a deliciously cool spot with lots of ambiance and style. Sally Henzel is the owner and designer of the spot. Sally is also the designer of the Buccaneer so you will see her flare every where while you are there. The food is good and spending time there at the sea pool and bar is a great way to hang out with other visitors and some of the locals.

Jack Sprat is next door and also owned by Sally. It has a completely different feel in that the music is a bit more reggae and it is a great place for kids to run around and walk the beach right next to it. It also has great pizza and ice cream; a great place to go for the evening :-)

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