November in Treasure Beach

November 13, 2014

Almost every year I go to the Buccaneer in November. When the kids were younger I would go once a year with them on October 30 or 31 because of the teacher work days that time of year. I have kept track of the season and weather changes over the past 18 years and it has been pretty much the same as before, with some small changes:

IMG_2608-300x168The changes I have noticed are a bit more rain than there was 5 or more years back and a bit warmer. As always, we have lots of sun which has been one of the things about Treasure Beach we have been able to count upon.

It is evening now and we are having a good rain. The experience of being inside an open air house and listening to the rain is so cleansing. It is cooling and brings a newness to everything. I love to sit by the open brick wall in the dining room and feel the mist coming through. In my home in VA I could never have this delight!

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