Sea Levels Rising

March 11, 2015

I have been coming to Treasure Beach Jamaica now for 17 years and notice all of the changes in the area. The biggest change is the sea level. Every time I re-do my fence a few years go by and I have to move it back again. My estimate of land loss is about 20 feet.

We sit at least 30 feet up high on a bluff of solid rock and from the bottom of the stairs out to the beach is about 50 feet. Looking at how much the sea has taken, I will be estimating how many years it will take for the sea to reach my stairs. When you see this first hand, it is alarming.

I dreamed once that the sea was all the way up to my front door. It was quite a dream of powerlessness. The lesson I get from the sea is that I must allow what is to happen happen. I cannot stop the sea just as I cannot control outcomes, people, or anything but my own attitude.

Life has many lessons and the sea teaches me every time I visit her.

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