“Treasure Beach is a gem for travelers in search of the off-beat. You won’t find a more authentically charming and relaxing place in Jamaica.”

“The coolest place to stay on the planet.”

“Suzie, Nickie and Craig have surpassed all expectation. It’s like coming into a big family. And they’ve looked after us with joy and care. Which has made our stay even more enjoyable. It’s so great to get a taste of Jamaican culture in this way. You have three gems here.
Suzie’s cooking is so GOOD. Katherine our chef hasn’t needed to cook at all. Suzie adapted dishes so they were vegan – she made a delicious breakfast out of tofu I found in the mega mart!!!”

“Many thanks for our wonderful vacation at The Buccaneer. We loved every moment of it and the best part was your wonderful staff. Suzie was delightful and could not have taken better care of us and most important of all, our baby. Again, many thanks for helping make Treasure Beach our favorite vacation spot.”

“There are just no words to describe what a glorious, transforming trip this was for Parks and I. Our lives are forever changed. I cannot thank you enough for the best vacation we’ve ever had. We arrived as two stressed out, uptight complainers and turned into potential Jamaicans. To us, life in Jamaica is about beauty, tranquility, happiness, love, patience, tolerance, health, living life, appreciation, and gratitude. Jamaica truly does capture your soul. P.S. We love Suzie, Seibert and everyone!!!”

“I do not have words that are worthy of delineating the priceless time we had at The Buccaneer. To be enveloped by the never-ending vistas of the glorious sea and the heavens, the soothing waters and sea breeze, sweet Suzie’s scrumptious food (a labor of love) is to be blessed and healed. My favorite moments were those spent in solitary strolls on the deserted beach as well as my meditation and yoga at sunrise and sunset, on the roof. I have been fortunate to have traveled to some of the world’s most spectacular places – but there was something so incredibly magical about our experience at The Buccaneer.”

“If a trip to the Buccaneer is not a religious experience, I don’t know what is. It’s clichĂ©, but my words cannot do our week justice. Suzie, Seibert, and Greg were as nice as a children’s book. We are already planning our next visit with you. You should have all of your prospective guest call me and you could double their rent by the time I got finished with them. Thank you for the Buccaneer and Treasure Beach.”

“We had an incredible time there! The villa is so beautiful and everyone was so kind and accommodating! It was a blast. I really wanted to stay longer but duty called. I look forward to another stay there minus the filmmaking responsibilities. Thanks so much and know that I will give Buccaneer the highest recommendations to anyone interested in traveling to Jamaica.”

“What an incredible trip we had. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your home and friends with us. The folks are wonderful–all of them. I especially connected with Seibert. We spent hours and hours talking…My kids had the best experience of their little lives…and my Mom cried almost every day in thanks and appreciation…”

“Just wanted to let you know that we had such a wonderful time! The house and the spot are completely magnificent and Suzie and Suzette were the best. Thanks so much!”

“Our trip went smoothly and w/o a hitch… We had LOADS -O- FUN! The Buccaneer is absolutely BEAUTIFUL – LOVED the outdoor shower! And, the location couldn’t be better!! When we walked on the beach, ours were the only footprints to be seen… Thank you very much for setting up such a lovely establishment. I know that the Buccaneer is a place that I will definitely return to and recommend to others. My boyfriend, in fact all my friends, will love it as much as we did.”

“I have taken far too long to email and tell you how amazing my time spent with my brother Eric and his family was at Buccaneer this past April. My husband Bill and I have raised 4 teenagers and this is the first week away we have had in years and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Suzie, Wayne and Seibert were such a blessing to spend time with and made us feel so welcome and at home. We are definitely planning to come back – soon!… Once again—thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with those lucky enough to have discovered it! I look forward with great anticipation to our next visit…”

“Absolutely loved our stay at the Buccaneer Villa. Mary is wonderful and she made me feel so relaxed and at ease. We stayed with our 3 children, ages 8, 6 and almost 4 and they had a great time and so did we! The view from the Villa is spectacular. We spent a couple nights on the veranda upstairs star gazing. The property is great for exploring. We even saw a mongoose! The kids loved the pool and so did we for a quick dip in the afternoon as it was so refreshing. The beach is great for beach combing (we found many different interesting shells that we are proudly displaying on our mantle.) We rented a car for our trip and went on a few different day trips. One of our favorites was going on a boat out to Pelican Bar and on Black River. This was such a neat “once in a lifetime” experience, which Suzie arranged for us. We had a blast. Suzie recommended going to YS Falls one day and we are so glad we did as that was such a wonderful memorable day. I cannot say enough positive things about the Villa itself, but do have to mention that Suzie, Jamie, and Nikki are the real gems. We just adore them and hope to come back and visit again.”

“8 adults – 1 week – the entire property to ourselves, couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable and relaxing vacation. The staff was amazing and the food was sooooo tasty! The house was so uniquely designed and the views were beautiful. The master bedroom on the top floor was a dream, I was lucky enough to have stayed in it while the others had rooms on the main floor. The small village had great beaches and an assortment of restaurants to choose from. We all would highly recommend this rental – the owner Mary and the staff at the villa were easy to work with and some of the friendliest people we’ve met in a long time. The only unfortunate issue we had was the exchange rate of Canadian dollar to US dollar. But it was worth every undervalued Canadian penny we spent! Book at The Buccaneer – you won’t be disappointed.”

“Normally, I go on vacation to spots where there are things to do and different places to venture off to see every day, and cruising is my usual way to vacay, so the idea of staying in one place for an entire week was a little unnerving. However, once I arrived, I fell in love with the charm and character of the villa and was able to completely unwind without a daily ‘agenda.’
The view and location is simply stunning. Every bedroom is beautifully decorated, with sweeping ocean views, and in-suite bathrooms. My room even had both an indoor AND an outdoor shower – how fun! Most days we swam, read, relaxed, talked, wandered into town for breakfast or lunch (just once for each though, as the food at the villa was always superior to what we had in town!). One day we went out to Pelican bar with Captain Ted for a rum punch and a swim. Another day was spent getting massages at Jake’s spa – heavenly, then Chrissy came to the villa another day for more massages.
If you collect sea glass, the beach right in front of the villa was truly a treasure – I came back with several bags full of sea glass.
It is a bit of a drive from Montego Bay – 2 hours, but once you are here, you realize it was worth the drive for the peace, quiet and serenity it offers.”