Your getaway to Jamaica’s Buccaneer Villa can be restful and relaxing or playful, it’s your choice! Whether you prefer sun tanning in the sand, deep-sea fishing or boat rides, the Buccaneer has plenty of fun in store for you.

Indulge in Treasure Beach’s spa services, including massage therapy, manicures and hairstyling. Or choose to see the island in the comfort of your own private, chauffeur/tour guide-driven vehicle.

If adventure is your style, we recommend that you select two of the following eight tours during a seven-day visit. This ensures that you’ll have more than enough time to relax with some adventure mixed in.


Pelican Bar

Take a boat ride 3 miles off shore to the Pelican Bar. A MUST go! Floyd with prepare a wonderful lunch while you enjoy the drinks and the magic of being out in the middle of the sea—a great place to hang out for the day and the kids will LOVE it!

The Spa

Pamper yourself with all of the wonderful services offered.

Ball Park

A great place to enjoy during your stay in Treasure Beach and a great way to get involved with the local kids!


YS Waterfalls, Bamboo Avenue, Black River Tour

Start the day on a country road, which takes you along the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Then take a 3-mile drive through Bamboo Avenue, a shaded archway of bamboo, lined with orange groves and sugar cane fields. The next stop is one of the highest and most scenic waterfalls in Jamaica, the YS Waterfalls. Cool off with a swim or just relax and enjoy the lush surroundings. After spending a few hours at the falls, continue the journey through historic Black River, where you can pick up some fruits, vegetables, rum, souvenirs, or whatever else you may need. Drive home through the beautiful Pedro Plains farmland.

Black River, YS Waterfalls, Bamboo Avenue, Appleton Estates Tourel

This tour includes every attraction of the YS/Bamboo/Black River tour (above), plus it allows you to visit Appleton Estates last. Why? Can you think of a better way to end a beautiful sightseeing day than tasting several rums and relaxing with a few cocktails at one of the larger sugar factories and rum distilleries in the country?

Non-Tourist Tour

See a part of Jamaica that most tourists never see. Drive over two mountain ranges through the heart of St. Elizabeth’s farmland. Stop at the 1,750 ft. cliff of Lover’s Leep and get a bird’s-eye view of the sea below. Then you’re on to the secluded and quiet paradise of Guts River. Dive off rocks into cool crystal clear-water. Snorkel among beautiful fish and underwater vegetation. Take a walk along a deserted beach to where the river meets the sea and pick through a variety of seashells. Looking for some good seafood? Stop in Alligator Pond on the ride home and feast on fresh fish and lobster.

Black River Boat Tour

We leave the car home for this one! This 4-5 hour tour takes you along breathtaking coastline and into the longest river in Jamaica, where you will feel like you are on a tropical adventure. Watch out! There are crocodiles in that river. Cliff Diving, Snorkeling or Shop Till You Drop in Famous Negril Spend a day in the resort town of Negril. Visit the famous Rick’s Cafe and take a dive off the cliffs. Snorkel around the endless coral reef, walk along the 7-mile white sand beach, or shop at the numerous roadside stalls for T-shirts, jewelry, etc. Warning! By the end of the day, you’ll be glad to return to the peacefulness and low prices of Treasure Beach.

Golfing in Mandeville

If your idea of a good day is hitting a few balls around, let us know. We will arrange tee time at the Manchester Country Club, located in beautiful Mandeville. One of the larger cities in Jamaica, Mandeville sits on top of the Don Figuerero Mountains. This makes for a cool day and panoramic views, both on the golf course and during the one-hour ride to and from the golf course.

Milk River Mineral Baths, Boat Ride to See the Manatees

Have any aches and pains? Take a bath at the Milk River Mineral Baths, the highest mineral bath in the world! Many people swear by its healing powers. After you are fit and ready to go, take a canoe ride at Alligator Hole and see manatees (sea cows) swim under the canoe while mangrove trees and tall reeds surround you. This is truly a tropical experience.

Visit Bob Marley’s Birthplace and Mausoleum

Enjoy a cool 2-½ hour ride through the outskirts of the famous Cockpit Country and an inner-island view of Jamaica, which is seldom seen by visitors. Then an authentic Rastafarian guide will share with you the natural world of Bob Marley’s birthplace, the meditation getaway during his career, and where he rests. This tour touches on Marley’s childhood and the pure and simple lifestyle in this small mountain village, giving you a sense of peace and tranquility that Marley always protected. All visitors to Nine Mile are well informed of the history of Bob Marley, “The King of Reggae,” whose music has been shared throughout the world, creating a positive image in his country.