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Great Restaurants in Treasure Beach, Jamaica

After some of that perfect TB mix of beach fun, a trip out on the open seas, and some island adventure, you’re bound to get hungry! I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite Treasure Beach restaurants within walking distance so you can taste the great flavour of the area.

Smurf’s Cafe

Smurf’s Cafe is a quaint blue cafe serving traditional Jamaican food. Perfect for a lazy Saturday morning breakfast or a quick lunch bite, Smurf’s is a staple of the Treasure Beach area. Coffee afficionados will enjoy the freshly roasted coffee. The covered patio is quintessentially Jamaican, a pomegranate tree and string lights hanging over from the yard.

The cafe serves classic breakfast foods such as omelettes and bacon, as well as Jamaican breakfast and lunch specialties. I tend to go for their Ackee & Saltfish. (Smurf’s does Jamaica’s national dish especially well.) Whatever you choose to order as a main, order bammy as a side! Bammy, a cassava flour flat pancake, is the perfect accompaniment for the calalloo and cheese omelette.

Smurf’s is just a short walk from the villa. To head there from the Buccaneer Villa, turn right on the main road and continue until you hit Smurf’s on your right.

Check out their Facebook page for photos that will make you hungry!

Mellow Yellow

Got an itch for pasta? Mellow Yellow in Frenchman’s Bay serves tasty Italian and Jamaican food, and awesome pizza. My personal favourite is the calalloo pizza.

As with many restaurants in the area, and most on this list, Mellow Yellow caters to vegans. They offer vegan pizza and pasta. Their freshly-baked goods and fun dishes draw a crowd. You can find many Jamaican classics on their menu, including seafood dishes. If you feel like fusion, try the Jerk Chicken Pasta.

I takeaway food from Mellow Yellow and pick it up on my bike. It makes for a quick, refreshing ride in the evening.

Visit their Facebook page.

Gee Wiz Vegetarian Restaurant

Gee Wiz Vegetarian Restaurant offers vegan ital cooking. Ital refers to the Rastafarian mode of growing food organically and consuming a plant-based diet. Some Rastafarians also consume fish, so Gee Wiz features some fish dishes on their menu as well.

The meals at Gee Wiz are served with rice and beans, and salad. Try the ital stew for a taste of true Rasta living. Enjoy curried kingfish, curried veggie chunks (soy-based protein) and stewed pumpkin.

The restaurant is located at the colourful “Big Ship” past Kingfisher Plaza on the way to Great Bay. This is not quite walkable, but a quick cab or bike ride.

Visit Gee Wiz on Facebook.

Diner’s Dee-Lite

This small cookshop offers sit-down and takeaway lunch and dinner. With a daily changing menu, Diner’s Dee-Lite offers fresh catch and rotating meat options. This restaurant has a very small patio, and a small indoor seating area. If you are walking into town, Diner’s Dee-Lite is perfect for a takeaway lunch. Most recently, I had the Diner Dee-Lite’s conch dinner, and it was delicious!

Frenchman’s Reef

This great restaurant in Frenchman’s Bay serves food to suit all palates. Those with American leanings will enjoy their juicy burgers. Their catch of the day can be done many ways, and be accompanied by many sides. Their fish and chips are a fan favourite. The vegans in your group can enjoy the ital stew. My favourite dish is their whole grilled catch of the day. What a way to capture the beauty of living in a fishing village!

The most beautiful view of Frenchman’s Bay is found from the edge of the restaurant property. Try going close to sunset to catch a beautiful view of the sun against the flat waters.

The restaurant is open all day, serving all three meals. The restaurant is comfortable, and offers great service. As with essentially all restaurants in Treasure Beach, they offer takeaway.

Thank you for reading! This is the first round of my Treasure Beach favourites. I’ll be updating as I discover more restaurants.   – Nickie

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